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Lloyd y Chilon pasado noche

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View out window of my almost-on-the-beach palm-roofed cabin at Buzzard Bar and Grill, 15 min. east of #sanjosedelcabo. Wonderful place off beaten tourist path, good food. I' m only one staying here but the outdoor restaurant is packed for lunch and dinner.

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I fell in a mountain lake when I was 4 years old, and before my dad reached down off the dock and dragged me out, I clearly remember looking around (the lake was clear) and loving the underwater scenery, and to this day I love being immersed in water.

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Pericú Revolt of 1734

In which the Pericúes, the tribe of southern Baja California, offed Padre Tamaral of the San José del Cabo mission. What's extraordinary is that it's depicted in this tile plaque on the church here. Their revolt lasted for 3 years.

On A Totally Tourist Cruise

Chilon, his girlfriend Carolina, and Carolina's girlfriend Claudia and me went on a big boat sunset cruise to El Arco de Los Cabos yesterday. Maybe 100 people, dinner and all you could drink. Party time! A good DJ, lots of dancing, people got pretty hammered everyone had their extrovert persuasion on and you know what? It was fun!

We went around the tip of land and into the Pacific Ocean on the west side to watch the sunset.

A mother whale and her calf were frolicking, the little one kept leaping and slapping and once in a while, mama would go airborne with her 20-30-or-so tons, to everyone's delight. Boat guys said it was the first of the season.

La Catrina beckoning turistas into un restaurante on main drag in #sanjosedelcabo. For story of this iconic Mexican figure, google "catrina."

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Old wall at cafe, good latte, wi-fi in shady courtyard looking out into sunny blue sky day, off to good start

I could not believe the airport scene at Los Cabos International. Must have been 1,000 people lined up to get through customs. Then the (Enterprise) car rental took forever. Finally made it to my friend Chilon's apartment in San José. Even though the place has changed phenomenally since I was last here (8 yrs. ago), e.g. Walmart, McDonalds, etc., it's still quiet and peaceful in the old part of San Jose. We had tacos with nopales, then Chilon took me on a tour of the extensive neighborhoods of cracker box row houses as well as the shacks made of tarpaper and corrugated metal of squatters.
Crime is heavy duty here right now. The tourist industry blacks it out, but there are weekly murders in San José. Apparently when drug kingpin El Chapo was arrested, several gangs started to fight it out for territorial rights and it's an ugly undercurrent to the sun and surf and booze and party scene in these parts.
BUT: one thing that hasn't changed since I started coming here in the 80's is the ocean. The sand is buff-colored, with large grains that make for crunchy walking. No one else on beach. The water is clear blue/green; foam on sand like whipped cream, I've been here less than a day and in water twice, swimming carefully to help in rehabbing torn shoulder muscles. Swimming relaxed, not fighting the cold -- nothing better. The buoyancy, weightlessness, salt, blue, immersion in El Oceáno Pacifico. I forgot how much I love it here. There is still the "real Baja" if you know where to look for it.

Checked in at palapa room at Buzzard Bar & Grill, got into water at dusk. Not too cold not too warm, the exquisiteness of swimming without wetsuit. 4 people showed up for dinner in this rig. #baja #sanjosedelcabo #beach #loscabos #mexico

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5 miles high

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I had window seat, at 33,000 feet, was fascinated for entire 2+ hour flight, combing (visually over every geological convolution, mountains valleys peaks meadows desert Gulf clouds like fluffy cotton as well as the defined contours of civilization...

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Back to Baja Once again

I'm taking off tomorrow morning -- for a week in and around San José del Cabo. For about 12 years, I went to Baja whenever I could. I kept a 1983 4-wheel drive Toyota truck down there, would fly down, drive 12 miles east of town along the coast, let out air pressure in tires to about 7 lbs and drive 2 miles on the sandy beach to a place gringos called Roosterfish Cove, put up my flea market tarp for shade, unfurl the rooftop tent for sleeping, and hang out for 3-4 days, all alone, surfing, swimming, running on the beach, seldom wearing clothes. In hot months, it was pretty unbearable from 11 AM to 5 PM, but the early mornings and early evenings were exquisite.

It's been 8 years since I was last there, and I know it's built up immensely. I'm taking fins. Haven't surfed in months, due to cold water here and a damaged shoulder. I'll see what happens down there. I'm staying at a few different places on the beach. Meeting my good friend Chilon when I get there, he's making lunch for us.

Here are some posts from years back: http://lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com/search?q=baja

Stay tuned.

Lou Reed - Strawman

Hey Lloyd,

I know you feature songs on occasion, so thought I would send you this one featuring Lou Reed's Strawman…lyrics under 'show more'  on vid page…

Mentioned on the Mendocino Freethinker blog… take care, hope to see you at one of your talks on the Mendo Coast…

Mike W

Great Blue Heron

Majestic birds, very spooky -- at slightest perceived movement, they will take off. I shot this through the living room window yesterday morning, it was at the pond, looking for fish.