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Northwest glacier caves are melting, forcing researchers to race the clock

"At 11,250 feet, Mount Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon, and a volcano that could erupt at some point, even if it likely wouldn’t be an explosive one. It’s also host to a dozen glaciers, which have even formed glacial caves.

Climate change is having an effect, as the northwest glaciers are melting away.
With the amazing view from Mt. Hood, the exploration of its glaciers plays an important role in understanding regional climate. 'The big value is in mapping change. Not just a snapshot in time but mapping the change.' said Eddy Cartay, a member of the Glacier Cave Explorers. He and his group member are exploring the glacier caves.Northwest glacier caves are melting, forcing researchers to race the clock."

Posted by Xuefei Miao on Mar 4, 2016: http://glacierhub.org/2016/03/04/photo-friday-mount-hood-glaciers-of-oregon/
Photos: Francois-Xavier "Fix" De Ruydts)

Water power on Mt. Tamalpais yesterday

New Zealand Boatbuilder Lionel Jefcoate

"Boatbuilder and master craftsman, Lionel Jefcoate, 83, has built more than 56 boats – steamboats, sailboats, launches and large yachts – one of which he sailed around the South Pacific with his family."

Interview with Jefcoate: http://bit.ly/1QFV1w9
From Anonymous

Short bed Tacoma 4x4 in San Leandro

Tiny Chapel Inspired by Tiny Homes on the Move

Just got your Tiny Homes on the Move. Very beautiful stuff. I hadn't seen your books since the early seventies.  I was a custom home builder for many years but now, becoming older, (hate to say it), I'm starting to build tiny structures.  

The attached little chapel was inspired by Sidney Poitier's comment in "Lilies of the Field," "I'm gonna build me a chapel!" So I did. I guess really it's more of a meditation space, only 24 square feet. I built it to try my tiny house structural designs since I wanted something not too expensive to test them out.  Everything worked well so now on to bigger stuff, (on a 16' flatbed trailer). Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. 

There's a terrible tiny house show on the television where two guys build generic structures with conventional framing that are ugly and are guaranteed to be difficult to pull, and to burn out wheel bearings. The prices they quote are astronomical. My little chapel cost only $600 and $300 of that was for the western red cedar siding. The work you show is a complete opposite of that. I really appreciate the work you do to communicate such admirable possibilities in a time when this whole idea is catching on.

Take care and enjoy your day,

Klaus Eyting

Eagle in Fort Edward, NY

this eagle was recently photographed on the property of ZBS <http://www.zbs.org/>, a producer of radio drama in upstate NY.

Manhattan-based radio journalist Jon Kalish has reported for NPR since 1980. Newspaper articles, radio docs, podcasts & NPR stories at kalish.nyc.
twitter: kalishjon