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Chicken Coop & Chicken Run - $1425 - SF Bay Area

Looks pretty good.
Cape Cod Coop & Run4' x 6' x 6' (Coop)
Reclaimed Redwood Siding
3­ - 8 Chickens
Painted Metal Roof 
3) Nesting Boxes
1) Roost
2) Windows
1) Clean out Entry Door
1) Chicken Entry Door with Retractable Ladder
Coop & Run Color painted
Total foot print 6'W x 14'L x 6'H (Run & Coop)
4' feet of it underneath the sides of the coop.
1/2" Hardware Cloth. Roof and sides.

Coyote by roadside last night

via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBDXUDcgMqB/
I've had a number of coyote encounters. They're unlike any other animals; they seem to tune into you, like they half-way want to play. Trickster of the Miwok people. Poem of Jaime de Angulo, from Coyote's Bones:
Coyote, ululating on the hill,
is it my fire that distresses you so?
Or the memories of long ago
when you were a man roaming the hills.

Snowboarding in Manhattan

Some NYPD cops are awesome!
From Jon Kalish

68-Year Old Downhill Skateboarder

(I believe he's 68.)
From Maren and Jack Fulton

Eric Cline's Seminar on the Collapse of Civilizations After the Bronze Age—Synopsis by Stewart Brand

"Archaeologist Cline began by declaring that the time he would most like to be transported to is the Late Bronze Age in the Mediterranean—the five centuries between 1700 and 1200 B.C.  In those centuries eight advanced societies were densely connected—Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Canaanites, Hittites, Cypriots, Minoans, and Mycenaeans.  They grew to power over two millennia, but they collapsed simultaneously almost overnight.  What happened?

The density of their connection can be learned from trade goods found in shipwrecks, from Egyptian hieroglyphs and wall paintings, and from countless well preserved clay-tablet letters written between the states.  The tin required for all that bronze (tin was the equivalent of oil today) came from Afghanistan 1,800 miles to the east.  It was one of history’s most globalized times.

In the 12th Century B.C. everything fell apart.  For Cline the defining moment was the battle in 1177 B.C. (8th Year of Ramses III) when Egypt barely defeated a mysterious army of “Sea Peoples.”  Who were they?  Do they really explain the general collapse, as historians long assumed?

NorCal landscape

Leonard Cohen - Stages

Mother Earth News Looking For Editor-In-Chief

15 years after resurrecting and refining Mother Earth News, Cheryl Long is retiring, and they are looking for a new editor-in-chief, as follows:

"Topeka, Kansas-based Ogden Publications is looking for an experienced professional with passion for, and knowledge of, all things sustainable to lead its flagship media brand, Mother Earth News into the future. Ideally this person will have first-hand experience as a sustainable lifestyle community member as well as an impeccable record of innovation and leadership in the publishing business - or other closely related media area. But don't let us define you too narrowly. If you have related experiences and the drive to lead a highly collaborative team devoted to creating and delivering the best, most relevant sustainable lifestyle content possible, we'd like to hear from you.

Dungeness/Rock Crab Season Still Closed in Norcal

Just looked it up.

1. California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife News:

Professor's explanation of the toxin, demoic acid: http://www.mercurynews.com/health/ci_29399456/uscs-professor-explains-neurotoxins-effect-dungeness-crab

Ford Transit Connect Minivan

via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAsRXjWgMvO/
Spotted this yesterday. I believe it's a European design; good head room, still somewhat aerodynamic-looking. Sliding doors on both sides. Now if it just came in 4 Wheel Dr.

House in Bottle

via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAflgN3gMoF/
I got this in an antique/coffeehouse in Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii last year. The entire bottle is 9-1/2" long (the section shown here is about 5" wide), 4" high, 3" wide; the neck, through which all of this had to fit, is about 1" wide. How they ever did this is beyond me. Build it in collapsed form, slide in and pull erect? There are two human figures, a couple of baskets, a palm tree, and some fencing. Wonder of wonders!

Sacramento's “library of things” lets you borrow nearly anything

"A new service from the Sacramento Public Library will let you borrow more than books – much more. The California-based library is now offering a variety of other items to lend out, such as musical instruments, sewing machines, electronics and games.

Located inside Sacramento Public Library’s Arcade location, the library also offers 3D printers and scanners for public use, and they even have a bike-repair station.

According to their website, to borrow an item you must be at least 18 years old, unless borrowing a video game. Customers can browse the online catalog and place holds on items that they want to take out. Once the item becomes available, the borrower first in line can pick the item up.…"
From Anonymous

Photos of French Carpenters' West Coast Trip

We are running photos of our French carpenter friends Menthe and Yogan documenting the trip they took this summer along the Northern Pacific Coast, exchanging their carpentry skills for room and board.

This is a tiny home they built in 10 days on an old Dodge flatbed truck in Humboldt County, California.

We are posting one of their projects each day for a week here: http://www.theshelterblog.com/

Paint Your Sheetrock With Mud

Hi there Lloyd:
Check this out... here's a recipe for how to make your own clay paint from three simple ingredients.

Clay paint can be used on a variety of surfaces, including drywall. That means you can easily give very standard interior walls a distinctive earthen texture and appearance. It looks really great -- I just finished a wall in the bathroom here. 

- ziggy

Brian 'Ziggy' Liloia
Natural Building Workshops & more at The Year of Mud

Interview About My Layout Style (and More)

The big news around here regarding our next book, Small Homes, now in production, is that we decided to postpone the publication date until spring, 2017.

It takes us an enormous amount of time to put a book like this together.

Also, this book is looking so good, and will be so relevant to so many people, that we want to take our time and do it well.

Here (today) I'm working on the most complicated two pages so far in the book. When I started I had no idea how it was going to come together (or if it would).

But starting did the trick; in over two days it worked itself out. 22 photos with fact-filled captions.

Here's an interview of me done a few months ago by Natalie So, where I talk about layout and beyond: http://www.editionlocal.com/lloyd-kahn-shelter-publications/?rq=kahn
Photo:Evan Kahn

Missouri City Fines Residents for Chipped Paint, Mismatched Curtains

Pagedale, Missouri In this suburb of St. Louis, residents have been ticketed and fined by the town’s police force for violations that don’t even begin to make rational sense.

One resident, Valerie Whitner, has been fined for having chipped paint on the outside of her home and for not attaching a screen door to her back door. She’s been told by city officials she must replace her rain gutters, her siding and put up storm windows. They also told her to mend her fence, cut her lawn and seal up cracks in her home’s foundation. She owes the city more than $2,400.

Photo above: Mildred Bryant, an 84-year old grandmother, has received citations from the city for having mismatched curtains and failing to have blinds in every window.

Photo by Institute for Justice

Full story: http://watchdog.org/252413/nanny-state-pagedale-missouri-fines/

Nice shingled house out near beach San Francisco

via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAIUl4TAMnX/
Notice 3-sided popout windows with small roof above.

Ocean Beach (Kelly's Cove), Dec. 31st, 2015

Do-It-Yourself Termite Treatment

We've had (drywood) termite problems on and off for years. Since there's no way I'm going to have the house tented and permeated with Vikane gas,* I would periodically get the bug guys to do the microwave treatment. It cost $2,000 initially, then about $500 per year for future treatment when needed.(I believe orange oil is also used these days for people leery of insecticides.)

A few years ago, I decided to try Greenbug spray, which is (said to be) made of cedar and natural ingredients. I've been spraying this stuff on the wood where I see termite frass (pellets) and to my amazement, there are no more pellets. I say "amazing" because this is topical treatment and it doesn't seem it would get into the wood where termites live. (All of our termites are in ceilings.)

The stuff smells great, like cedar oil, and I am just now buying a 2nd gallon (about $60). I pour it into squeeze/pump bottles (like Windex bottles) and spray until it drips a little (it's water-soluble). Haven't had the bug guys out for many years.

Greenbug is one of the few products in the world not sold by Amazon.


*First, Vikane is made by Dow -- red alert. And, if it can penetrate into the wood and kill termites, I am suspicious of residual effect.