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Good Architecture in Berkeley

I really like this. The curved roofs, the corrugated siding (never needs paint), the nifty balconies, the alternating symmetries…

Kudos to the good architects, of whom there are unfortunately few these days.

A Package This Makes It Seem Like It's All Worth While

Over the years we've sent prison inmates any books they ask for. 20 years ago, we were sending out a lot of weight training books. These days, they're asking for building books.*

Yesterday this package arrived and it was a delight. The spoon is really nice. Handcrafted, not made in China.
The notes in yellow say:

"Dear Lloyd & friends,
A few years ago you folks were kind enough to send me Home Work for free when I was locked up - so, to return the kindness, here is a gift. Enjoy it! If you come across anyone else who wants one, they are on Etsy:
Best regards,

*If you're an inmate or know any, tell them to write us for free books. -LK

Soul Survivor - Wilson Pickett


Hot Cayenne Peppers

Are these hot! I keep a few of them on a little 8" long cutting board and cut them up fresh for each meal.

Danny Boy by Jackie Wilson

From Rick Gordon

Northern California Ocean Rich With Life Right Now

What fishermen call "bait fish" (anchovies, herring, sardines, grunion, and smelt) have been abundant of late, attracting both fish and birds (which were swooping and diving this day last week). Can't see them that well here, but the right third of this scene is dense with birds. Hey, gimme a "hard copy" of this photo, so I can see what's going on.