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This is what a $350,000 house in San Francisco looks like

Listed (17 September, 2015) by realtors as a “distinguished home in need of work.”

In San Francisco, "…it’s clear that money has lost all meaning."
From Rick Gordon

Yogan Carpenter Meets SunRay Kelley

French carpenter Yogan and his friend Menthe have made their way up the coast to SunRay Kelley's compound in Washington and say:
"SunRay make a new crazy project , we work with him, very cool…"
Above: Yogan's photo of SunRay's solar/bio=fuel powered diesel truck
More on Yogan's trip: http://yogan.over-blog.com/
Yogan started his trip here a month ago; read about it here: http://lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com/2015/09/yogan-carpenters-pacific-coast-journey_4.html

Malawi Vernacular Architecture -- 4700 Photos!

Thanks to E. Johansson for this wonderful website.

"I am a registered architect with a passion for African vernacular architecture. I wish to connect with others with similar interests to preserve African vernacular architecture before it vanishes. The overall goal is a database, which currently does not exist online for most African countries."
Normal_9xghm59xcumgtsuhbnbldr9bjrxz0d9mJon (Twingi) Sojkowski

River Rock Bottom - Pokey La Farge

2-1/2 Minute Posture/Stretching Routine You Can Do At Your Computer

I'm sure I've put this up before, but I just got reminded of it this morning, did it, and will try to do it daily. This time I did it while waiting for a Photoshop action to finish.

Harbin Hot Springs "…pretty well destroyed" in Central California Wildfires

From Rick Gordon this (Sunday) morning:

I've been tracking it mostly as rumors, but then this:


"Harbin Hot Springs, a popular clothing-optional resort northwest of Middletown, also apparently was ruined, at least in part, from the fire. Cal Fire spokesman David Shew said Sunday of Harbin: 'It’s pretty well destroyed.'"