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I'm Off For NYC

At SFO airport now, catching the 10 PM redeye to JFK, arriving 7 AM. I love to do it this way, arriving in the Great City at dawn. Just after crossing the Hudson, my pulse starts pounding. Now THIS is a city. I'm hopelessly in love with it. I can't sleep even a bit on airplanes, but I don't take naps, rather stay awake until bedtime that night, and, voila, I'm into east coast time.
   I'm going to the BEA big book convention (and exploring city with new camera, seeing friends, seeking adventure). Staying at hotel in the Village, old building, I'm excited by this.
   Any tips on NYC? Coffee, food, music, whatever?

Buck Owens -- You Gotta Have A License

You Gotta Have a License by Buck Owens on Grooveshark

Books, a 3D Pen, Camping Hacks, and Fun Maps from Mike W

Book Arts
A blog for creative types interested in the (un)conventional world of Book Arts! Posts here will feature artist's books, illustration, book binding, typography, sketch-booking, scrap-booking, print-making, paper making, altered books, how to guides, zines, paper engineering and more! Feel free to submit your own work, thoughts around the subject, or even just inspiration new and old. Happy researching!

Smallest 3D Printing Pen
The world smallest 3D printing pen enables you to doodle in the air!

41 Genius Camping Hacks You’ll Wish You Thought Of Sooner
For some reason, this won't click through, so copy and paste into yr. browser.

40 maps they didn’t show you in school

Mike W

Man makes camphor wood tricycle for grandchildren in China

"Wei Guirong rides the camphor wood tricycle he made. The eyes of the wood man in front of the car can glitter. (Xinhua/Tang Fenglin)"
Click here.
From Anonymous

Michael Kahn, Artist

My cousin Mike and I were a year apart and we hung out together whenever we could as kids. We were the same size and looked a lot alike. He went to college at UC Santa Barbara and threw the javelin on the track team. He always painted, from a young age. After college, he moved to New Orleans, then NYC, where he sold paintings on the street. Next he settled down in Provincetown, working as a waiter to support his art habit.
   In Fall, 1965, I hitchhiked across the country, on I guess what you'd call a vision quest. The counterculture was rocking then.
   This photo is when we went clamming in P-Town. Mike's wearing the John-Lennon-style hat I'd bought in NYC.
   Mike then went on to build a phantasmagorical sculptural village in Arizona, which he called Eliphante. He told me he was inspired by the work of Bob De Buck and Jerry Thorman in Placitas, New Mexico, which was depicted in our book Shelter. Eliphante is featured in our book Home Work, pages shown here.
Mike passed away 4 years ago. His wife, Leda Livant, has just put up a website of some of Mike's paintings here. The Eliphante website is here. (Lotta links.)
   BTW, when I left P-Town hitchhiking on a Saturday afternoon, I got picked up by some kids from The Rhode Island School of Design. They were going to a Bob Dylan concert that night, well all right! It was one of the first Dylan performances where he did folk music the 1st half, then brought out Robbie Robertson et al for rock 'n roll. Things were so loose then that I was right up at the stage with my camera and got some memorable black and white shots.
    After a month on the road, I came back to San Francisco, quit my job as an insurance broker, and went to work as a carpenter.

See 32 Pages of Tiny Homes on the Move Free Online

Rick Gordon has created this Flipbook. You can get a pretty good idea of the book from these excerpted pages -- except the photos in the real book are a lot sharper than this. Boy, do people love this book. A bunch of people have said they can't put it down.
Click here: http://shltr.net/thom-flipbook
If you have friends who would like this, please forward them this link.

Sonny Boy Williamson - Bring It On Home

I've heard this song off and on for years, but driving along the coast the other morning -- wow! What power! I was trying to think of other songs that are this perfect, and I thought of Dust My Broom by Elmore James. Masterpieces.
Bring It On Home by Sonny Boy Williamson on Grooveshark

Can These $20,000 Houses Save the American Dream?

Click here.
From George M.A.Cumming Jr.

Tiny House for Sale in Eastern Oregon

Hey Lloyd,
I am selling my tiny house.
   I designed and built this cabin with 50% recycled constructions materials.
Reused maple gymnasium floor, metal roof, windows and door and all structural timbers.
   This cabin is on skids and can be moved. Purchaser will need to pay to move it within 60 days of sale.
Dimensions, 10'x16' x 14' high
Redwood Deck and stairs 18"x8'x18'
   The inside, and exterior window are designed around a future shower and kitchen; however the inside is not finished.
   There is a sleeping loft on half the cabin which has 5' high head space.
Click here.
  Call or text with questions: (541) 263-1216
         -Matt Barley

Rooftop Gardens in Brooklyn

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building a $300 underground greenhouse for year-ro...":
Check this out
World's largest rooftop garden...bee hives too:


Maker Faire, San Mateo 2014

Fun! Tons of kids (There's a "Lost Children" booth. I did one presentation on Tiny Homes on the Move yesterday, doing another at 3:30 today on Center Stage…Kevin Kelly talked to a packed crowd about his book Cool Tools yesterday…Two pics at Faire: flame-spouting monster (consumes a lotta propane), motorized skateboard, The Boosted, cost, ulp, $2K…I'm staying at a motel in Millbrae, found great breakfast place this morning across the street, Millbrae Pancake House…Will try to post more pics…some time…

Off For 3-Day Weekend…

 Took off early Friday morning/driving along the coast, The Hives punkin it up with "Go Right Ahead" on radio:
"Our god is a sinner, our king is a con
The room’s about to crumble as I burst into song…"
…Then The Dave Clark Five in a surprising rocker, "Wild Weekend," part of great selection by British DJ Michael Des Barres' rock n roll program on Little Steve's Underground Garage on Sirius Radio…the new span on the Bay Bridge is such a disaster, a horse's ass of a design; the towers look like bad special effects (compare to Golden Gate Bridge towers)…The western span of the Bay Bridge (the old one, at left) is elegant by comparison…
Graffiti at Ocean Beach, San Francisco
On my way to The Maker Faire in San Mateo…

The Ultimate Granny Flat in Portland, Oregon

"In most cities, adding a second house to a single-family lot would be illegal or would set off an epic battle with the neighbors that could drag on for years. But not in Portland, Ore.
There, this kind of housing — referred to officially as “accessory dwelling units,” but better known as granny flats, garage apartments or alley houses — is being welcomed and even encouraged, thanks to friendly zoning laws. And additional living spaces are springing up everywhere, providing affordable housing without changing the feeling or texture of established neighborhoods the way high-rise developments can.
In the southeastern part of town, Jen Wantland, 40, and Bryan Scott, 37, converted their two-car garage into a 480-square-foot home using mostly salvaged materials, for about $60,000. Then they moved in and rented out their four-bedroom house, which more than covers their living expenses. They’re delighted to talk about how fabulous downsizing feels and how it allows them to work less and play more.…"
Click here.
From Christie Pastalka