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Shelter Is Everywhere

David Wills shot this photo in San Francisco. He says they are typically on either side of Muni bus stops.

Maybe they lead to spacious underground living quarters (for very small people).

Music on a Rainy Friday

This just knocked me out. I'm sitting here at ritual Roasters in San Francisco, and this gave me chills. For some reason the back of my ears was tingling:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post 'James Brown - Full T.A.M.I Show Performance, 1964"'"
   I'll have to watch this when I get home. But it reminded me of this great one too... did you ever see:
James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti - It's a Man's World ?

I've been on the road for 2 days, and here are couple of the songs I heard:
-"I'm a Rocker" by The Raspberries (A great band that never made it big-time. This song is such pure rock n roll, like Rod Stewarts "Hot Legs."
-"Johnny Sincere" by The Dead Poet's Society

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James Brown - Full T.A.M.I Show Performance, 1964

Unique Tiny House

"Tiny houses have become a popular form of architectural experimentation lately—and even amid this creativity, a new design out of Green Mountain College in Vermont stands out: a curvaceous, incandescent module far grander than its 70 square feet of living space would suggest. The house was built by students under the direction of environmental studies professor Lucas Brown, and it’s loaded with off-the-grid features—solar panel electricity, a system that feeds rainwater into the kitchen and the toilet, and a compost device for human waste. The house is designed to be towed on a trailer behind a 4-cylinder car and is billed as the dwelling of the new American Dream—a tidy, cultivated space for eco-conscious, rootless millennials who understand very well they’ll never be able to buy into their parents’ old neighborhoods..."

Click here.

Slide Show of Barns

I love this! From Lew Lewandowski.

Wood Burning Cookstoves

Great selection of wood cookstoves. I like these 2 because you can see the fire.

We bought a soapstone stove from Vermont Castings (not with an oven) over 30 years ago and it's been a wonderful (and our only) source of heat ever since. These days I'd go for an oven.

Click here.
Sent us by Irene Tukuafu

Two century-old railway houses in North Bend, B.C., $1 Each

January 31, 2014 "NORTH BEND B.C. — Just beyond Hope, the old highway narrows. Into the canyon, once past Spuzzum and through some tunnels, the route roller coasters, climbing hundreds of feet above the churning Fraser River, then plunging. Avalanche warnings, tight curves, oncoming tractor trailers: The city-boy driver is white-knuckled. The heart is pounding.
But it’s worth the two-hour journey from Vancouver because up ahead, just past Hell’s Gate, there is house hunter’s treasure, and perhaps the deal of a lifetime: A pair of century-old homes, each one on sale for a dollar.
Their price compares rather favourably to Vancouver, where similarly constructed two-storey wooden homes are routinely listed for $1-million. Location, location: This pair is nestled at the edge of an obscure whistle stop called North Bend, across the mighty Fraser from hardscrabble Boston Bar and beside Scuzzy Creek — yes, Scuzzy — where black bears and the odd cougar roam.…"
Click here.
Photo by Brian Hutchinson
From Anonymous

I Guess IShowed Her - Robert Cray

I Guess I Showed Her by Robert Cray on Grooveshark
This is playing right now; I just finished my rough layout of the cover of Tiny Homes On the Move, half-way through the back cover….6/10ths inch of rain yesterday, halleujah…went paddling in the rain…

Seedy Sunday in Brighton, UK

Hello Lloyd,
 You’ll be pleased to know that I picked up a copy of “Tiny Homes” yesterday whilst at the community seed swap  “Seedy Sunday” in Brighton in the UK. What a truly inspiring and fascinating book!
I’m sure you would have loved the event, the organisers said there had been over 2,000 people through the doors to swap/buy seeds and plants, listen to talks, take part in workshops, etc.
 More information here: http://www.seedysunday.org/
 Jeremy (Pellatt)

Jackie Wilson - Danny Boy

This morning from Rick Gordon

Deek Diedrickson"s Tiny House Workshop in Memphis in April

Woman Rows Solo Across Atlantic Ocean

Nov 12, 2013
"Quebec rower Mylène Paquette is arriving in Lorient, France, after a solo journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Paquette is the first North American to row solo, from west to east, across the North Atlantic. She left Halifax just over four months ago in a specially designed 7.3-metre boat propelled only by Paquette and the currents. At about 11:09 a.m. CET (5:09 a.m. ET) Paquette crossed the finish line in the northwest of France.…"

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