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Life boats for sale in Washington

"Life boat, Party Boat, People Hauler, -$800 each or $1,300 for 2, $2,500 for 4 or $4,500 for all 8. We have 8 of these, model BSC40M. ID plates show made in 1991-1994… They have a diesel 3 cyl Dezus engine, Some Hyd steering, manual bilge pump, some have emerg food/water packages, seat cushions, life vests, emerg food...oars, seat belts for 41 people..etc... They are 25'L by 8' wide, approx 9' tall on land. You can stand up in them. Weight is approx 7,400#'s. …"
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From Joy Godsey

Little Boy Sings Gospel!

From Rick Gordon (just now)

Friday Fish Fry

Dry dry dry. Day after day of no rain. I think the driest in history.

Saw Inside LLewyn Davis last night. Disappointing. I wanted to like it, because the concert put on in NYC in September by the musicians recruited by musical director TBone Burnett was terrific, and I have a lot of respect for the Coen brothers and their witty and fresh approach to film making. But this was just a bore. John Goodman's character was overblown and weird, say like Jack Nicholson in one of his rare misfires as the Joker in the 1st Batman film, or Johnny Depp's characters in the Tim Burton movies—sorry, I'm not buyin it…I don't understand all the adulation for Llewyn. Music not even that good. Very little humor. Best picture of year, puhleeeze.
I cut down a 35-year old Weeping Santa Rosa Plum, the other day, was rotting from the inside. Interesting to see what was a pretty big (and productive) garden presence reduced to a couple of piles of kindling and to-be-split firewood
Yesterday we went to Flora Grubb, a large nursery specializing in palm trees and succulents in San Francisco. Great place, down near the produce market, with a Ritual Coffee stand inside. I shot a lot of pictures, we'll post more when I get time. http://floragrubb.com

All Hail by The Devil Makes Three on Grooveshark

Alek’s Tiny House

"I recently completed my tiny house and wanted to share. I designed every inch of this unique home and did most of the construction myself as well. About a month ago Itowed it from Iowa to its current location in Sebastopol, CA, where these pictures were taken. I live in the house full-time, along with my girlfriend and our small dog.…"
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West Coast USA Walkabout Inspired by Shelter

Two emails from Bill Cullin:
1. Subject: I never buy books! But I purchased yours and loved it.
   I always use the library and just return them since I get so many, but yours I had to buy.
Best $30 I spent.
   I am about to take a walkabout for about 3 months. I am in Seattle Washington and will head south along the coast till I get warm and then head east probably into Arizona.
   I wanted to write off the trip and save on expenses so I wanted to take my truck. I had purchased your book for another project but got inspired and decided to go in style.
   Two inches of insulation, pine tongue and groove, wood blinds, interior propane heater, alarmed and interior locking. And from the outside day or night you would never guess.…

2. My "Truck Suite" was inspired from your book. I am on my walkabout trip. I am posting videos on YouTube and Facebook. Here is a article being placed in our local newspaper. If this article may be useful for your newsletter you are welcome to use it and the photos. Thanks for the inspiration!
--Bill Cullins

Log Home in Wyoming Inspired by Shelter Books

We just purchased Home Work and Tiny Homes books.  Once again you have inspired us; great images and stories.
   From the Whole Earth Catalog through Shelter we dreamt of building our own home. Coming from suburbia in Kansas it was a fantasy, until we found these books. We pored over them nightly, for years, picking out ideas from the pages and gathering inspiration for the concepts.
   We moved to Wyoming and were able to put a foundation under our dreams. After a weekend workshop on Swedish Cope Log Structures and being inspired by the Russian log churches you wrote about, we started our home. Using a chainsaw, adze and drawknife we put together a  home that has served us well. Now we are reading about other people and their homes we wanted to thank you for all your hard work to help get the information out there.
   Here is a photo of our home, snugged into the side of a hill in Wyoming.
Thanks again,
Gary and Celeste Havener"

Teacher Builds Tiny House in the Forest

"Brian Schulz recently completed his forest house in the Oregon Woods. He built the home himself, and the design and concept of it were inspired by the traditional Japanese Minka homes, which are built using local materials and steeply sloped roofs to create affordable, open structures. For his house, Schulz used salvaged materials, along with those sourced from within 10 miles of his new home.
   The finished tiny house is a 14-by-16-foot home, which coexists perfectly with its woodland surroundings. It cost only $11,000 to build, which was mostly spent on concrete, shakes and insulation. Schulz, who teaches traditional wood kayak building for a living, completed the house in about a year and a half, working in his spare time.…"
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My Kinda Moon

Housetruck in New Zealand

"…a couple out of New Zealand…built a housetruck on the back of a 1985 Hino truck. They built everything from the frame, to the walls, to electrical system, to insulation by hand (and feet). Their housetruck has a steel frame that was welded by hand. They also built the cabinets, benches and even the shower custom by hand. They sourced wood from local timber mills and picked up other items second hand to build out the interior. One of the impressive aspects of this housetruck is the beautiful custom windows with inlaid designs shown in the photos.…"
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Modern tiny house rental sits like a U.F.O. in the Austrian Alps

"For those of us who like the idea of tiny homes but would rather rent one than build one, there are plenty of stunning micro-homes available for rent all over the world. This polyhedral-shaped modernist cabin outside of Lienz, Austria offers incredible mountain views and an unforgettable interior design.
Dubbed the Ufogel (a combination of "U.F.O." and the German "vogel" for bird), the structure is raised on stilts, making it resemble an alien craft or bird that has landed, with minimal impact on the ground.…"
From Treehugger (great website) here.

New Hampshire Covered Bridges

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Covered Bridges of New England - Bridgewright Grat...":

"When we lived near Ashland, NH, we went there to watch one of his bridges dragged across the river by oxen.