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When the Drugs Kick In

When The Drugs Kick In by The Del-Lords on Grooveshark

Legal Tiny Garden Cottages in Portland Backyard

"In late July 2008, we built two garden cottages to the side of a little house at the rear of a 50′x100′ residential lot in NE Portland. These tiny homes are “detached accessory structures” and are fully permitted through the City of Portland. Each is 12′x14′ and has a front porch, bathroom with shower, and loft.
   The existing house is quite small – just 526 sf on the main level with a 200 sf bedroom in the attic and a full basement. All residents can share the kitchen in the primary house. Most importantly, this development plan preserves the entire front 55′ of the property for gardening and fruit trees!"
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The Serra Boys

From left: Chime, Tony, Shelter, Ivory at a small town 4th of July parade. I've known Tony for 60 years, twins Shelter and Ivory since the day they were born.  Not many people know that Tony was a star high school athlete (Lincoln H.S., San Francisco, 1949-'52). Fullback on the football team, he also passed and punted, and he excelled at baseball and basketball. No one does that nowadays, what with sports specialization.

Do You Want To Sing?


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Tiny Round Home in North Dakota

"An unlikely sight in Wells County, North Dakota - According to the National Register of Historic Places, which listed the house in 1997, it was built in 1900 by Elgin Hurd. It’s located in the middle of nowhere, a few miles south of Hurdsfield.…"
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Paragliding Artistry

I had this wonderful period in my life some years back where, for maybe 2 weeks, I dreamed every night of flying. It wasn't like I was suddenly in the air, or jumped from a height. I started on the ground, ran, flapped my arms, and took off. It was such a vivid experience, I remember it clearly, after all these years. An out-of-body experience, if you'll pardon the cliché. During my waking hours, I'd sometimes feel like I could almost do it.
  Yesterday I was corresponding with Kian Clipson, who lives in Southwest England; his small, cozy, artistic mobile home is going into our new book, Tiny Homes on the Move, and I decided to check the paragliding website that Kian co-founded, here, and there is a ton of exciting stuff. These guys are doing what I did in my dreams.

Urban Side from Jean-Baptiste Chandelier JB prod on Vimeo.

270-year-old Stone Home on 7 Acres in N.J. For Sale $700,000

Californians seeking homes will read this and weep. It's got a 2-story barn! It's got a pond! Hand-hewn beams! In yesterday's NY Times Sunday paper. I couldn't get the photo to come up (it's definitely not the one at the top of the article), but here's the realtor's pitch:
WHAT: A three-bedroom one-and-a-half-bath stone house
HOW MUCH: $679,000 SIZE: 2,610 square feet (according to tax records)
INDOORS: The house’s oldest sections were built in 1730 and 1820, and retain nearly all their original features, including wide-plank pumpkin pine floors, hand-hewn wood beams and exposed stone walls. The kitchen and bathrooms were renovated in 2006. There are three original fireplaces, one decorative and two wood-burning. In addition to stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops, the kitchen has an old beehive baking oven. Bedrooms are upstairs. The master has an en-suite bathroom. The second floor also features a den.

Bookcase Inspired by Shelter

Lloyd…I made a piece of furniture that was largely inspired by the books you have authored and published.
   As a constant source of inspiration, your books have provided to this home builder, furniture builder and overall dreamer. Your books have given me shelter from the storm that is everyday life.  I call this latest simple bookcase I carved my Shelter from the storm bookcase. Here's the link.
Tohner (Jackson)