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Furry Lewis - Roberta

Roberta by Furry Lewis on Grooveshark

Globe of the World

I should have had this many years ago. Where is Mali, or Chechnya, or any of those countries I read about in the inner pages of the NYTimes? I'm woefully ignorant of geography and only know areas that I've visited. Now I haul this to a table and world events are more meaningful.
   This model costs $50. The stand is cheap plastic, but the globe itself is quite nice, with raised areas for mountains. It would be great to have one with a more substantial stand, but this one works fine for me.

From Amazon here.

Al Green, I'm So Tired of Being Alone

Tired Of Being Alone by Al Green on Grooveshark

Round Barns, Round Architecture

Jerry Freeze has assembled a huge collection of round barns and other round buildings. "My website is a tribute to Round Barns, Round Houses, Round Schools and in general Round Architecture." There are also a number of Jerry's paintings of barns, like this one.

Lighthouse for Sale in Chesapeake Bay

Offered for sale about 3 months ago. Don't know if it ever sold, but what an exciting place to live..

"Unlike other lighthouses, the Wolf Trap Light Station is not firmly anchored to a rocky shore, but set out in Chesapeake Bay. Built in 1894, the Mathews lighthouse is a “caisson-style” lighthouse, which means it was constructed to withstand ice flows and whatever else the Atlantic Ocean throws that way.… The property also includes a waterfront property on shore, which is used for a landing to go back and forth to the lighthouse.… The home measures about 1,500 square feet, says Pierce, with five floors, including the top floor, which contains the light.…"

Click here.

Building a Tiny Home With Prefab Panels

Nice combination of timber frame and insulated panels.
Discovered on TinyHouseVids.com by Mike W

Traditional Mongolian Yurt For Sale

$6,000, 250 sq. ft., Seattle

At Tiny House Listings, here.

Tiny Home Built From One Windfall Tree

"Almost all the wood in this 450 sq. ft. cottage came from a single tree that fell a short distance away. The driveway runs close by, so on that side of the cottage there is only a tiny roofed window.…"   -Mike Litchfield

Click here
Photo: Muffy Kibbey